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Mobile network design and optimization solutions.

Cellular Earth is a provider of highly efficent solutions for mobile networks design and optimization. Our multivendor solutions employ live network data, interact directly with network elements and utilize customer focused measures to deliver optimal network performance at reasonable cost. We utilize the most precise source of information on network footprint, performance and actual traffic demand. We offer consulting services and customized solutions to improve network design and shorten optimization process which reduce involvement of trained personnel therefore improving CAPEX and OPEX.


Cellular Earth brings network design and optimization methods to new engineering level. Our methods rely on best in class signal predictions, live network traffic and performance geolocation in full 3D indoor/outdoor environment. Our methods employ crowd sourcing and end to end customer view of network experience.

Cellular Earth offers customized consulting services and solutions for GSM, WCDMA, EVDO and LTE network operators. Our primary areas of specialization are:

  • Multi system frequency planning and spectrum arrangements
  • Customized automatic neighbor relations audit and optimization tools
  • Ultra efficient network coverage design and optimization
  • Complex network interference optimization campaigns
  • Advanced channel, code and paging areas optimization
  • Customized dimensioning and capacity monitoring of RF, baseband and transport resources
  • Network power consumption optimization based on real time monitoring
  • Advanced inter system and layer traffic balancing and steering
  • Customer and network demand geolocation (network and device captured)
  • Network economics and targeted investement plans
  • Big telecom data analytics

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